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Landscape Rock Installation

InstallationExcept for very large rocks, most landscape rocks for your home do not need to be set in concrete. This allows easy relocation in the event you move or want to change your landscape around.

To Install:

  • Dig a slot in the ground slightly bigger than the base of the rock. Make sure the lettering on the bottom will be visible over any plants that may grow in front.
  • Level the stone by its lettering, adding dirt or rocks under the lower side.
  • Once your landscape rock is level, fill in around the edges, packing any excess dirt to the back of the stone for added stability.

Delivery and Installation Pricing

Installation of SignCommercial prices vary according to the job. Please contact us prior to ordering. Commercial installation is available to all of our surrounding states. Shipping or pick-up can be arranged for other areas.

Delivery and installation of landscape rocks is available to our local area, within 30 miles, for an additional $35.00. ($2 per loaded mile beyond 30 miles) The fee for meeting at a pre-determined location directly off I64 and I77 between Beckley and Charleston is $25.00. Delivery and installation is available to all other areas. Please call for pricing.


Service Price
To Meet and Transfer
along I64 and I77, Between Beckley and Charleston
$25.00 per rock
Local Delivery and Installation
of Landscape Rocks within 30 miles
$35.00 minimum per rock
$75.00 to concrete
Delivery Outside of Local Area
off I64 and I77, Between Princeton and Charleston
Call for pricing
Crane Service
Available for Large Commercial Stone Signs

Call for pricing