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Commercial Signs

If you imagine it, we can design, create and install it! Stone & Wood signs are available.

Marlington Stone Sign - click to enlargeStone Signs

At Natural Stone Sign, we can duplicate your company logo and permanently cut it into the stone. The paint that is used is specifically designed for use on stone exposed to the weather. Commercial signs are available in any size and numerous shapes. They can be cut to shape or left in their natural state. Stone bases and water features can be added for truly remarkable works.

There are a number of options for installation or we can provide the stone sign to you or your contractor to install.

Monroe Health Center - click to enlargeMake a statement to your customers with the beauty and durability of a Natural Stone Sign.


You will find that stone signs are surprisingly affordable. There are a number of options to accommodate most any budget. Type, size, and design will determine the cost. Just give us a call so that we can discuss your needs: (304) 772-3931.

Options for Installation

For Commercial applications a concrete base will be necessary.  The base can be concealed underground or a form can be built and the base will be visible above ground.  The base can be left as is or a stone veneer can be applied.

You may want to have the stone slab cut square and incase it in stone. The sign can also span between two stone columns for a very striking look.

In some cases a sign can be replaced utilizing the existing base.  This can certainly reduce the cost of updating your current sign.

Car Wash stone sign - click to enlarge Greenbrier Bowling Alley stone sign - click to enlarge Greystone stone sign - click to enlarge Angel Terrace stone sign - click to enlarge Elks stone sign - click to enlarge  

Carved Wooden Signs

We also offer carved cedar signs in any shape or style- perfect for hanging overhead. Other types of wood are also available in any shape or size.

Jeffrey Rodgers wood sign - click to enlarge
Walnut Springs wood sign - click to enlarge
Entrance wood sign - click to enlarge
Oakhurst wood sign -click to enlarge
Bass wood sign - click to enlarge

For that look of class, add 23K gold leaf to the lettering or other elements of any sign we create!

Welcome sign - click to enlarge
George Jones sign - click to enlarge
Closeup of George Jones sign - click to enlarge

Delivery and Installation Pricing

Commercial Prices vary according to the job.  Please contact us prior to ordering. Commercial installation is available to all of our surrounding states.  Shipping or pick up can be arranged to other areas.

Ruby Tuesdays sign - click to enlarge
Bay Water Oyster Co. sign - click to enlarge
Boiling Springs sign - click to enlarge